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The Bling King Wholesale @ NEC Autumn Fair June 19, 2009

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Hello Everyone,

The Bling King Wholesale will be at the NEC Autumn Fair 2009 come September.  You can come and meet The Bling King team, and see and feel our products.

We guarantee to cause a stir at the NEC this year!!!

Meet you all there!


The Bling King Team


Mos Def Album On A Shirt July 2, 2009

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Mos Def is selling T-shirts as his new album instead of the usual CD/DVDs.  Fans who want to buy Def’s latest album will get a shirt instead of a disk.  The shirt will go with a cover art on the front and a track list on the back side just like a regular album.

So where will one get the tracks to listen to?  The shirt will each come with a unique code to use in order to download the album off the internet for free.  T-shirt sales start rolling this month.

This is a very unique way to promote and distribute an album in the music industry.  This concept might be the first of an un-traditional way to sell tracks.  The concept may just work for Mos Def.   Sales of his album The Ecstatic have gone over 40,000 units.  Soundscan says it will consider the T-shirt sales as album sales.

The Latest Albums From RnB July 1, 2009

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Alicia Keys


Famous RnB artist Alicia Keys is set to release her new album late this year.  She has been busy recording the tracks of her latest project in the studios.

Keys is expected to promote her latest album by performing at the Cayman Island Jazz Festival on December 5.

She tweeted this after finishing work from the studio:

“Just finishing at the studio…..WOW! love this one! thought 4 the day/night When we r open 2 change, a world of change opens 4 us!”

“Thank u 4 all the love about the new record! I’m so excited about it too!!! Exploring new sounds & letting the heart lead the way….”


Chris Brown


Chris Brown is set to release his new album with singer and songwriter Keri Hilson.  Despite his legal issues with another RnB artist, Brown  is not letting this in the way.  The talented musician is still bent on making a major comeback this year.

The two artists (Brown and Hilson) have already worked together on songs like Superhuman and Young Love.

Hilson has this to say:

“He contacted me like four or five days ago.  Us working together will probably be the first project I’ve worked on as a songwriter in a while.”

“It is unfortunate what they are going through, but I always feel like if you’ve ever had a fan base, you’re really only one song away from appeasing that fan base.Whether that song is autobiographical or whether you want to talk about that or not, you’re just one hit song away. And that’s what I think of the industry in a nutshell.”


R. Kelly


“I’ve been in the biz 17 years, so everyone is used to me naming my records. So I wanted to mix it up a little. I want whoever listens to the record to call it what they want, name it themselves based on what they feel listening to the music.”

This was what R. Kelly had to say for his latest album dubbed Untitled.

Kelly just recently released a mixtape with DJ Drama and DJ Skee last June to create some buzz for his new LP.  Number 1 Fan is one track that is reported to appear on the new album that is scheduled for release on September of this year.

Black Music Month, worth celebrating? June 30, 2009

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As music is one of the ways to express ourselves, it is also a way to unite people with different races and colors.  Black (African-American) musicians, singers, composers, forefathers and pioneers have greatly contributed an immense amount to our nation’s history and they should be recognized for that.

Songs in the early 80’s and 90’s were even better than the stuffs coming out now, but I am not saying in general, there are also songs of today that are worth listening to.  The old school music from the 60’s and 70’s was about love, life and respecting one another.

Most of today’s music (i.e. hip hop) is basically derived from the old school, so it is worth celebrating mainly because of the past.  History of black music will always be treasured and respected for as long as music lives.

black singers

2009 BET Awards June 29, 2009

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LOS ANGELES – The BET Awards last night became more like a commemoration night as fans and even a number of the biggest stars in Hollywood turned in to honor Michael Jackson. The telecast was completely revamped to recognize the legacy of MJ.

Hosted by Jamie Foxx, the famous star started the the show with a dance choreography from Michael Jackson’s iconic “Beat It” video in front of the star-studded crowd. While performing his hit “Blame It”, the actor also incorporated some of the Jacksons’ dance hit “Blame It On the Boogie.” All throughout the show, Foxx regularly turned up in some of MJ’s signature looks, like the wide-collar black leather outfit from “Billie Jean.”

On one performance, Ne-Yo and Foxx performed a somber version of the Jackson 5 classic “I’ll Be There,” as photos of Jackson flashed across the screen.

While artists went on to perform their own hits, most made sure to incorporate into their performances some from the man who has influenced them a lot. The crowd at one point was heard chanting, “Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson!”, when Keri Hilson was performing.

Estelle , Sean Paul and Alicia Keys were among the celebrities who donned single gloves as part of their ensembles to honor the King of Pop.

Many of the celebrities’ comments were made in tribute to the pop icon Michael Jackson.

“He’s the man who made it possible for me to be on the stage; I love you and I miss you,” commented hip hop star Ne-Yo, who sang, “Lady In My Life,” one of MJ’s famous songs.

“We all know none of us in this room wouldn’t be here for Michael Jackson,” said Lil Wayne, as he was up on stage to receive his award for best male hip-hop star.

“This is for you, Michael Jackson,” Beyonce said on receiving her award for best female R&B artist.

Ciara, dressed in a jacket that had Jackson’s signature military epaulets, touchingly sang Jackson’s very popular humanitarian anthem, “Heal the World,” Backstage, Ciara was very emotional as she recounted talking on the phone with her idol and how she regrets that she never got to meet MJ. “He meant so much to me,” she said while crying.

Though he did not appear on stage during the awards, Joe Jackson, the singer’s father, was at the show to represent the grief-stricken family. “I just wish he could be here to celebrate himself,” Mr. Jackson said on the red carpet. “Sadly, he’s not here, so I’m here to celebrate for him.”

“Michael Jackson’s incredible influence stretched across genres, races and cultures, he had a unique place in the world of black entertainment. His influence is arguably most visible in urban music, seen in stars like Usher who mimic his dance moves, to Ne-Yo, whose music is marked by its Jackson-isms. But that influence went beyond music: Jackson was black America’s biggest star, who broke racial barriers that allowed for so many other superstars to follow.”

The night ended when Janet Jackson, perhaps the late star’s closest in the family, made her first appearance in public since her brother’s shocking death.

“On behalf of my family and myself, thank you for all of your love, thank you for all of your support,” she said. “We miss him so much, thank you so much.”

“To you, Michael is an icon,” a somber Janet Jackson told the audience at the end of Sunday’s BET Awards. “To us, Michael is family and he will forever live in all of our hearts.”

A Farewell to Mike June 26, 2009

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michael_jackson_king_of_popMichael is the 7th child of the Jackson Family, he started singing professionally by joining in their famous group Jackson 5 at the age of 11. Year 1971 is when he began his solo career while still a member of the said group. He is known for his unique dance moves, who can forget that moonwalk? Well, I used to follow that move but unfortunately it’s only MJ can do it.

He has received numerous awards in the US and in the different parts of the world. To name some we have Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (twice), Grammy, Hollywood Walk of Fame & The Guinness World Records.

His greatest hits like Billie Jean, The Way You Make Me Feel, Black or White, Rock With You, She’s Out of My Life, Bad, I Just Can’t Stop Loving You, Man in The Mirror, Thriller, Beat It, The Girl is Mine, Remember The Time, Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough, Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ and Heal The World were some of his songs that influenced and touched our lives.

We all know that he has gone through a lot of issues in his life but that doesn’t affect my respect for him. I know that he has been true to himself and to others. Wherever he may be right now, I just hope that he’s happy.

Hip Hop Cognac June 25, 2009

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ludacrisWhile most celebrities venture into the restaurant or apparel business as their means to rake in other sources of income, famous rapper Ludacris boldly went another way, opting to go into cognacs.  Ludacris’  latest endeavor was announced publicly this week at no other than Bordeaux, France where famous cognac brands come from.  The announcement made at the Wine and Spirits show, Vinexpo, mentions this as a joint venture between Ludacris and Kim Hartmann, owner of the Birkedal Hartmann Cognac.  Conjure, the label that this cognac brand will go under, will be targeted for the urban market.

The famous Atlanta hip hop artist was seen in France last January, spending a week experimenting with over 40 cognac flavors before coming up with the new cognac flavor intended for his market.

“It’s not just me attaching my name to it. Whenever I involve myself in a business, I submerge myself in it. I wanted to learn as much as possible. It was great. It gave me a new appreciation for Cognac,” stated Ludacris.

Cognac has long been associated with the hip hop community, and referenced by  rappers such as Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, and Tupac in various songs.  About 60 to 80 percent of cognac sales are estimated to be from African Americans, in the US market alone.

The first batch of Conjure is due to ship in Europe on July 1st.  Ludacris is planning to import about 1 million bottles into the US by September this year.

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tag me dawg! June 24, 2009

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Dog Tags have come a long way from just being worn by the military. Dog Tags, just so you know, are the identification tags worn by military personnel, and were so named because of their resemblance to a dog’s name tag.  These (dog tag) are aluminum metal plates, usually rectangular in shape and with rounded edges. It is worn around the neck with a ball chain.

If you have been hiding under a rock and have just crawled out lately, dog tags nowadays are no longer worn just by the military personnel anymore.  They have found their way into fashion as well.  But no longer are they as boring as a soldier’s dog tag.  They have been turned fashionable and with more bling into it.

Hip Hop artists are known for their flair to wear something ordinary and turn it into style.  Dog tags have not been exempted.  Just take a look around you.  You will see lots of people, usually from the hip hop community, wearing dog tags as a statement in fashion.  In print ads, music videos and TV commercials, you’ll see famous artists, such as Eminem or Snoop Dogg, wearing bling dog tags.

Worn proudly around the neck for all to see, these bling dog tags come in different colors and designs.  From  gold plated dog tags to pure sterling silver, either decked out with precious stones or other stylish designs molded to it.  Some have dollar signs engraved or embossed, or initials in large bold letters, while there are plenty other designs that you can possibly think about.

Check out a few of these bling dog tags!

Blings at Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash in Atlanta June 24, 2009

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From a Wall Street Journal article quoted by jeweler maker, Jason Arasheben, said that there are a lot of rappers nowadays simply don’t have the money for real stuff anymore.   But I don’t think this holds true for Lil Wayne and some other rappers (Young Jeezy and family, Usher, Kanye West, T.I and family, Shawty Lo, Plies, Trina, Soulja Boy, Rocko, Guerilla Zoe, Ludacris, DFB,D4L, DJ Khalid, The Dream, Webbie, Bun B, 8Ball and MJG) who attended and performed at Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash in Atlanta just last week.  Almost all of these artists are wearing their signature blings and surely it does look good on them.

Check out some of their photos.

And check on Lil Wayne’s live performace on the said event (i like his cross hip hop bling!).. 😀

bling times are fun times June 22, 2009

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Watches and jewellery have always gone hand in hand ever since.  For most people, going out for a party at some club or perhaps a formal dinner, their getups wouldn’t be complete without these  precious timepieces around their wrists.  In my case, a very elegant watch would catch my attention more than a diamond necklace or ring.  I don’t know, but you can always tell if this chick or guy is made through the watch she or he is wearing.  Don’t you think?  So it is not a surprise that bling watches are here too!

Apart from traditional watches, bling watches are as eye-catching as their counterparts.  Well why not?  That’s what blings are for and bling watches should be no different.

Here is one bling watch from The Bling King Wholesale that is just so yummy!  It is classic and hip-hop rolled into one.

The LL Cool J Bling June 20, 2009

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Ever wondered what LL Cool J meant? It is short for – Ladies Love Cool James.

LL Cool J is one of my favorite artists.  He is not just one of the pioneers in rap music, he also regularly appears in TV shows and big screen movies.  He has his own clothing apparel line under the brand name, Todd Smith.  Born James Todd Smith, this talented artist has even written four books.

In his childhood days James sang in church choir, joined the Boy Scouts, and even delivered newspapers.  His first mixer was bought at Sears.  When he became the rapper LL Cool J, his first single, “I Need a Beat,” sold more than 100,000 copies.


This is a picture of LL Cool J taken in the 90s.

Look at the blings on this cool dude!  I can say, he’s had the blings even way back then! Don’t you just love the Cool J bling around his fingers?

Don’t you just wish to have those blings?

What are you waiting for?

Get yours now at The Blink King Wholesale.